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Time to be united!
On October 29-31, 2016, Gomel, Belarus, will host the Gomel Cup 2016 International Kyokushin Kan Karate Do Tournament among men and women in weight categories. The venue of the Tournament is the Sports Hall, Irininskaya Str. 16, Gomel.
The Gomel Cup is held under KWU aegis and unites KAN, IFK, KWF, WKO, Matsushima, Rengokai versions.


The Tournament is organised by the Belarusian Kyokushinkai Federation, Sakura Gomel Regional Contact Karate Federation, Gomel Centre of Martial Arts, Directorate of Sports and Tourism of Gomel Regional Executive Committee, the Department of Sports and Tourism of Gomel City Executive Committee.
The first Gomel Cup Tournament was organised in 1992 and unite sportsmen from Belarus and Russia. In 2016 it will be the 23rd Tournament.
This is the most catching and prestigious kyokushin karate competition of Belarus since Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Europe, World, European Cup champions used to stand here for their titles.
This year the competition is organised among men (in categories of 70, 80, 90 and above 90 kg) and women (below 55, 65 and above 65 kg). Starting from semi-finals, men will have Tameshiwari.
Traditionally, the tournament hosts sportsmen from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Bulgaria. This year the geography of participants will be wider.
Information support: Radio 107.4 FM, First City TV Channel, BT 4, BT 3, Gomel Regional TV,
The Tournament will be supported by:
Belneftestrakh Private Joint-Stock Insurance Company, Budzma Belarus National Cuisine Café, Alesya Trading Network, Ingman Foreign Company, Meragold Enterprise, FetSit LLC.
Tel.: +375 29 676 45 52; +375 44 511 96 41
See you at the Tournament! Oss!


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